I go to the dentist to prevent problems with my teeth to ensure I have teeth that last a lifetime. My mother had dentures and I know how difficult life can be without your own teeth. By visiting my dentist regularly, I can keep my mouth healthy and any problems that arise can be handled before they turn into something bigger.



I go to the dentist regularly --- every six months. I understand how important preventative care is and I don’t want any minor issues to turn into something larger like a root canal or extraction. I want to be healthy, have a nice smile, and look good my whole life!


I learned the hard way that dental care is essential to overall health. I have always seen a dentist regularly so when my dentist saw the signs of oral cancer, we were able to start treating it quickly. Thanks to my dentist and regular check-ups, I am now cancer free.


Going to the dentist is as important as visiting your family doctor. I see my dentist twice a year. I am getting older and I want to keep my teeth because they’re a necessity. I know that keeping my mouth healthy keeps the rest of me fit as well!


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I never liked my smile and it was really affecting my confidence. I met with my dentist and made a plan for a healthier mouth. We started small but soon I could see a change in my confidence and eventually my smile. My career and overall life has improved now that I can confidently smile and make a great first impression.


My work and mobile lifestyle made it difficult to see a dentist regularly. But recently my teeth started breaking, I was having trouble chewing, and had several infections. I knew it was time to see a dentist. I worked with her to discuss goals and together we created a plan to reach the beautiful smile I wanted. I am now more confident and able to smile and laugh without any stress.


For generations, moms have said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The dentist is a prime example of that. Going regularly helps catch the small problems and prevents them from turning into big issues. Moms usually put themselves last but they need a healthy smile for their kids and to set an example of good oral health for the rest of the family.




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